South Tyneside and Gateshead

inspiredspaces achieved financial close on the South Tyneside and Gateshead (STaG) BSF project in December 2007. inspiredspaces is the private sector partner in the Local Education Partnership (LEP) along with Partnerships for Schools, South Tyneside and Gateshead Councils and Royal Bank of Scotland.  

South Tyneside and Gateshead Councils have established a unique and forward thinking partnership to deliver BSF and transform the lives of future generations and inspiredspaces are now in the process of turning that vision into reality.

The partnership between STaG and inspiredspaces is to facilitate the achievement of STaG’s vision of educational transformation through the procurement of appropriate school accommodation and related services. By creating radically improved school environments and educational climates, in partnership we will create the transformational step change for learners and the wider communities. The key objectives are:

  • The establishment of a long term capital programme that delivers the educational vision and represents value for money for STaG;
  • To facilitate the continuous improvement of educational standards within STaG;
  • To strengthen the link between education, culture, training and jobs. Cultivating regeneration and increasing the life opportunities of those living within STaG; and
  • To create an environment where behaviours can lead to transformation.

The LEP will deliver 9 secondary schools in the current wave of the BSF programme along with a possible additional 4 SEN schools, with a total area of approximately 100,000 square metres. The schools will either be a new build PFI or refurbished through a design and build contract. The LEP will also deliver ICT through a managed service to all schools across the project and provide facilities management services to the new build PFI schools over the life of the 25 year concession contract.

Construction work will be carried out in three phases, the first of which started on site in January 2008 with all schools being open to pupils in 2012.

The LEP will also provide further new schools for Gateshead in subsequent waves of the BSF programme and may deliver other community regeneration projects, subject to these receiving the necessary approvals.

The LEP has also started delivering projects across the authorities for schools not part of the overall BSF project. These include a new food court for Joseph Swan School, new accommodation for Whickham School, etc

inspiredspaces is committed to the delivery of educational transformation through innovative design and ICT solutions. The partnership has developed initiatives which are exciting and different, demonstrating a vision of creating and sustaining educational excellence for the South Tyneside and Gateshead areas.